When it comes to account data, cleanliness is next to godliness. In EverCheck, clean data means fewer hiccups in the automated license verification process and fewer exceptions on your Exception Report. 

Having clean data is so important to the license verification process that we have a team whose full time job is to help keep your data squeaky clean. The exception reports you receive aren’t system-generated - our Client Success Team manually reviews every license that didn’t verify properly and researches the cause so that together, we can make sure the license verifies properly next time. 

Of course, everyone’s goal is to keep the number of entries on Exception Reports to a minimum, but the question is: how? Let’s review a few ways we can keep your data clean and license verification running smoothly. 

Always tell us before you add new license codes.
During your implementation, we created a conversion program. This program’s job is to be a translator between your system of record and EverCheck. How your system codes a Registered Nurse in the state of Washington might be very different from how EverCheck codes it - and that’s okay. This conversion program translates your coding system to our coding system in the same way that Google Translate works for English to Spanish. 

But in the same way that Google Translate requires an initial input from a human - for instance, you might type in “How much?” and Google Translate produces “Cuánto cuesta?” - EverCheck’s conversion program also requires human input at first. 

Let’s say you add a brand new license code to your employee file that EverCheck has never seen before. Our conversion program won’t automatically map it; our team first has to manually identify the translation and map your license code to ours. It’s a simple and quick process, but it does require our team’s input. 

So for this reason, it’s important to always let us know before you send over new license codes on the employee file. This way, we’re able to seamlessly translate your license codes and allow for automated license verification to run smoothly. You’ll see fewer “Practitioner Not Found” statuses and fewer exceptions. 

Get to know the verification process.
One common misconception is that EverCheck uses an employee’s name to verify the license. In reality, we often verify using the license number, the license type, and state. If the employee file has missing or incorrect information, EverCheck won’t be able to perform the verification, and you’ll end up with an additional entry on your exception report.

Be sure to address the exceptions we identify in your Exception Report.
Let’s use an example to illustrate this point - the employee file contains an incorrect license code for a particular license. 

Let’s say you send over a license coded as a Licensed Practical Nurse in the state of California. However, this person is actually Registered Nurse in the state of California. When EverCheck goes to verify this license with the Board, the Board won’t return results because we’re searching for the wrong profession. It’s minutiae, but it’s the type of discrepancy that can result in “Practitioner Not Found” statuses. 

In another example, the employee file might be missing the employee’s license number or perhaps the license number is wrong altogether.

Fortunately, your Exception Report not only identifies the licenses that weren’t properly verified, but also identifies the reason and how to fix it. Most of the time, a resolution just means a quick update to the data in your HRIS - making for cleaner data both in EverCheck and your system of record. But unless you address the exceptions listed on the report, the licenses won’t verify properly. So be sure to keep chipping away at those exceptions! 

We care about the integrity of your data and what that means for the accuracy and reliability of the service we provide you. We’re committed to working with you to be sure every license is properly verified, every time. We hope you found this article helpful, but please know we’re just a phone call away if you have any questions. Together, we can keep your data clean as a whistle. 

The EverCheck Client Success Team
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